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Wedge…Cheese Wedge Book by Wayne Brown and Mary Anne Brown Fun Wisconsin Book for all ages

2020-Book is Published (Story was finished in 2006)       

Written by a 10-year old and his Mom, the busy years kept us from this project until 15 years later, but the world always needs a little humor and quality time together, so we’re just happy to get the book out now! ENJOY!

Mary Anne grew up on a busy family dairy farm near Madison, Wisconsin with nine brothers and one sister.  She milked cows, handled hay bales and tobacco, and helped her Mom with the endless housework and cared for her younger siblings.  Mary Anne is very proud of her old-fashioned Wisconsin upbringing, and the strong character that evolved from it.

Her technical career led her to the city, but her love for the country never faltered.  Mary Anne’s love for writing has survived a very busy lifestyle throughout the years with other life-changing books released under the pen name of Mary Anne; Cheese Wedge is Mary Anne’s first “all-ages” book, and she continues her dream of reaching out to people in mass quantity with her “Change Your Life in Less Than 5 Minutes” videos as well.

Wayne’s always been eager to live a big life, and got his first job at 12 and developed a long skilled trade set, including certified welder before he was 19 years old.  Then, eager to challenge and better himself while helping the community, he joined the Air Force and served 3 tours overseas by 2019. 

He lives to hunt and fish and enjoy everything in the open space of the outdoors.  His carefree, curious attitude and respect for others brings him treasured, diverse friendships and constant opportunities.  (Mary Anne has learned so much from him about the beauty of human interaction!)  Wayne’s advice is to be responsible for what’s in your control and let the rest roll off your back!

See AnniePress.com for a listing of Mary Anne’s other books, events, and projects with a purpose.

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