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Wedge…Cheese Wedge Book

Wedge…Cheese Wedge is a fun book about Wisconsin things we’re proud of, for all ages! (Written by a 10-year-old and his Mom; Packer Fans will love this!)


Other books by Author Mary Anne, from No committment, just go to the short chapter that draws you and CHANGE YOUR LIFE . . . NOW!

Rise Above the Sh**! Book

Rise Above the Sh**! Down-to-earth thinking from Wisconsin teaches you how to overcome anything that holds you back or down in life, so you can live the life you dream of!


Rise to the Next Level Book

Rise to the Next Level helps you start making real changes in the tougher areas in life, once you’ve learned to “Rise Above the Sh**!” It’s the 2nd book of the RISE ABOVE Series.


Complete Healing Book

Complete Healing is for those truly ready for deep healing on all levels–mind, body, and soul.


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